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Cesare Dell’Anna – Modal Miles EP (Jazz-O-Tech)

“Modal Miles EP” by Cesare Dell’Anna, is the second release of the Berlin based independent label Jazz-o-Tech.

“Modal Miles”, the title track of the EP, is an inspiring attempt to merge jazz atmpospheres with a deep dance club beats full of historic references to Miles Davis, one of the greatest artists of modern music. In this fascinating EP, that ranges from Jazz to Balcaninc music, through medidative sounds, Cesare features some of his main artistic projects (Opa Cupa, DN3, Tax Free).”

Jazz-o-Tech’s signature style is Techno-Jazz a mix between jazz and techno music, an elegant combination of improvisation, acoustic “live” sounds and electronic music grooves. The label wants to promote experimentation and eliminate boundaries between two forms of avant-garde, electronic music and Jazz.

“Modal Miles EP” is available for sale and on streaming on all digital portals including also, the reinterpretations of Guido Nemola.

1) Cesare Dell’Anna – Modal Miles (DN3 Remix)
2) OPA CUPA – Litalea (Guido Nemola remix)
3) Tax Free – Sammartino Doc (Guido Nemola remix)

Listen: Spotify | SoundCloud

Buy: BandCamp


DN3 – Re Jazzed (Deep Jazz House and Electronica Remixes) (Irma Records)

RE JAZZED is an excursion between minimal deep house music and Jazz, thanks to the amazing remixes from Decomposer, FromP60, Angelo Mele, Santorini, A’Merika Vera, Klod Rights, Quantizers and One Octave Down.
While Decomposer remix combines magic ambient arrangements with a jazzy guitar and trumpet soloing, FromP60 gives his personal vision adding sexy deep drums, jazzy chords and a groovy bass. Quantizers remix is darker and sophisticated, perfect for the new wave of deep-tech lovers; Santorini discloses his vision of future jazz-infused techno that is singular and intriguing. A’Merika Vera adds classic beats and a Juno bass, Angelo Mele gives his pure class analog touch for the real deep house heads, Klod Rights combines peak hour bass heat and smooth sweeping melodies; One Octave Down’s touch adds groovy Cinematic Downtempo Jazzy vibes and broken beat.
Every vision is different, and remains exciting listen after listen.

Listen: Beatport | SoundCloud | TraxSource | Juno |