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DN3 – Re Jazzed (Deep Jazz House and Electronica Remixes) (Irma Records)

RE JAZZED is an excursion between minimal deep house music and Jazz, thanks to the amazing remixes from Decomposer, FromP60, Angelo Mele, Santorini, A’Merika Vera, Klod Rights, Quantizers and One Octave Down.
While Decomposer remix combines magic ambient arrangements with a jazzy guitar and trumpet soloing, FromP60 gives his personal vision adding sexy deep drums, jazzy chords and a groovy bass. Quantizers remix is darker and sophisticated, perfect for the new wave of deep-tech lovers; Santorini discloses his vision of future jazz-infused techno that is singular and intriguing. A’Merika Vera adds classic beats and a Juno bass, Angelo Mele gives his pure class analog touch for the real deep house heads, Klod Rights combines peak hour bass heat and smooth sweeping melodies; One Octave Down’s touch adds groovy Cinematic Downtempo Jazzy vibes and broken beat.
Every vision is different, and remains exciting listen after listen.

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DN3 And // Recensione su DJ Mag Italia

DN3 Recensione DJ Mag Italia


DN3 And // Recensione su BlowUp (Luglio Agosto 2013)

Blow Up

La bellissima recensione di Christian Zingales su Blow Up di questo mese.. Fantastico!

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DN3 – And (IRMA Records)


And“,  il nostro nuovo album, su IRMA Records!

ITA: Un sound unico e immediatamente riconoscibile, prodotto dell’incontro tra Guido Nemola, DJ e live electronic, e le tessiture armoniche e melodiche di Cesare Dell’Anna e Mauro Tre, rispettivamente tromba e tastiere di cultura jazz. Tre musicisti, tre forti personalità che si fondono in una alchimia di suoni e ritmi che trascinano ed emozionano. Nel discorso musicale del progetto i DN3 incrociano le strade della sperimentazione elettronica più di avanguardia: jazz  elettronico, raffinatissimo e contemporaneo, influenzato dalle sperimentazioni elettriche di Miles Davis e dalla Detroit Techno di Carl Craig.

ENG: A unique sound and instantly recognizable, it’s the result of an encounter between the Guido Nemola’ sound, DJ and live electronic, and the harmonic and melodic textures of Cesare Dell’Anna and Mauro Tre, respectively trumpet and keyboard players  with a jazz culture background. In their musical journey, DN3 cross a few junctions through the most cutting-edge electronic experimentation: a refined and contemporary Electro Jazz, leaning towards the new frontiers of jazz to the electric experiments of Miles Davis ending up to some Techno Detroit and Carl Craig influences.

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